To achieve a balanced work environment, sit to stand desks have become a popular addition to most office workplaces. Our height adjusting sit to stand desks are able to change to a variety of different heights, all while providing a large full-frame desk.

Sit to stand desks have been proven to provide a range of health benefits to those who spend long periods of time at their desks. Health professionals have, in some cases, compared sitting down for long periods akin to smoking, as to how unhealthy it can be.

At New Office, we have a range of sit to stand desks at affordable prices, to transform your workplace or home office setup. Our sit to stand desks provide the opportunity to staff to take regular breaks, move the body in different ways and promote efficiency with high levels of morale.

Our sit to stand desks feature intelligent systems for transforming a regular desk, into a hybrid solution that improves your posture and improves employee satisfaction. These desks can be packaged as your business needs, just contact us to discuss your options.


31 products found in Sit to Stand Desk

Rapid Span Electric Desks
  • From $675.00
Agile 2-Column Electric Individual Desk
  • From $1,196.00
AIRO - Height Adjustable Desk 1200mm wide
  • $743.00
Hotspot Mobile Sit to Stand
  • From $489.00
Potenza Height Adjustable Executive Desk
  • From $3,323.00
Boost Height Adjustable Workstation 700 deep
  • From $663.00
Malmo Electric Desk
  • $330.00
Lotus VE Sit-Stand Workstation – Single
  • $570.00
Lotus VE Sit-Stand Workstation – Dual
  • $670.00
Quick Stand Desk
  • From $588.00
Rapid Flux Electric Desk Riser
  • From $495.00
SOLO - 101
  • From $871.00
SOLO - 201
  • From $1,118.00
CORNER - 301
  • From $1,793.00
DUO - 402
  • From $2,281.00
  • From $180.50
FURSYS ALIGN - Height Adjustable Podium
  • $785.00
Ascend Electric Sit Stand Desk
  • $1,043.00
Archer Single Workstation with Screen 1800 x 750
  • $1,738.00
Archer Single Workstation with Screen 1500 x 750
  • $1,648.00
Boost Height Adjustable Workstation 750 deep
  • From $663.00
New Paramount Back to Back Electric Sit to Stand Workstation
  • From $1,678.00
New Paramount Back to Back Workstation with Screen
  • From $1,871.00
AIRO - Height Adjustable Desk 1500mm wide
  • $846.00