Office Lounges & Furnishings

Your reception area is the first impression that a customer, client or business partner will see on arrival. That’s why it is crucial for the appearance and the ambiance of your reception to be perfect. Our reception lounges, chairs & soft furnishings for the office will enhance not only the look and feel of your reception area but make for a comfortable experience as well.

How can you decide on the perfect reception furniture? Here are a few tips. Consider the space you must fill. How large is the area? Measure your area carefully to understand the best fit for you. It may be that you choose to have several waiting room chairs dotted around the perimeter, or, you may have enough space to offer your visitors a reception lounge, as well as chairs and a coffee table for magazines.

Whatever your office space, New Office has all your office lounge needs covered. Browse our extensive range of two or three-seater lounges, our different types of reception chairs and our range of ottomans for the office, which complement your reception area perfectly.  We even stock office coffee tables if you feel that suits your zone best.

127 products found in Office Lounges & Furnishings

YS900-1 Tub Chair
  • $288.00
YS700 Leo Chair
  • $318.00
Sienna Lounge YS901
  • $562.00
Sienna Three Seater Lounge YS903
  • $1,021.00
Sienna Two Seater Lounge YS902
  • $844.00
Concept 2 seat lounge
  • $2,088.00
Concept 1 seat lounge
  • $1,212.00
Concept 3 seat lounge
  • $2,980.00
Two Seater YS900-2
  • $533.00
Opal Tub Chair
  • $444.00
Venus 3 Seater Sofa
  • $1,210.00
Tucson 3 Seater Sofa
  • $1,069.00
Venus Ottoman
  • $263.00


Space Tub Chair
  • $400.00
  • $333.00


Space Executive Tub
  • $400.00
  • $393.00
Splash Cube Lounge Chair
  • $458.00
Cardinal 2 Seater
  • $735.00
Clover Tub Chair
  • $409.00
Aero Mid Back Chair Leather
  • $409.00
  • From $653.00
  • $686.00
  • $420.00
  • $605.00
  • $668.00