There are many thousands of professionals across Australia who spend at least eight hours every day, sitting at their desks. In a post-pandemic world this rings true, with many of us spending even longer period of times sitting in our home offices, working longer hours. Ensuring that you are using the right furniture is crucial to ensure a reduction in physical stress, minimise potential for injury or disease, while promoting efficiency and high morale. Ergonomic office furniture, including both desks & chairs, ensures that your working environment is both safe and comfortable.

You might be asking yourself, what does the word ‘ergonomic’ mean? While the meaning of the word comes from applied science, nowadays it is commonly used to describe a range of office furniture, from chairs, to desks, keyboards, mouses and other everyday items in the office. Ergonomic office furniture is specially designed to ensure that it supports you and your body properly, promoting a safe space to work in.

Ergonomic chairs and desks are readily available through the New Office website. Our products are designed specifically for both home offices and corporate offices alike, with many adjustable features including back support, differing seat angles and support for your posture. If you have ever had a sore back or neck after a day in the office, you might need to consider ergonomic office furniture in your workplace.

Our ergonomic office furniture is affordable and fast delivery is assured. Browse our extensive range and contact our support team if you have any queries. Upgrade your office space furniture today!

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Melhor 5 Star
  • $505.00
Ascend Electric Sit Stand Desk - Hire Office Furniture
  • From $144.00
Boost Sit-Stand Workstation & Ergo Mesh Office Chair - Hire Home Office Set
  • From $96.00
Boost Sit-Stand - Gesture Mesh Chair - Hire Home Office Set
  • From $102.00
Rapid Flux Electric Desk Riser - Hire Office Furniture
  • From $59.00