Height Adjustable Desks

Height Adjustable Desks

If you’ve sat at a desk everyday, you know how stiff the body can feel after a long working day. If you can relate to that feeling, consider a height adjustable desk that can be turned into a standing desk, or remain as standard.

More offices in the modern corporate world are embracing ergonomics in the workplace and as such, it is vital that office furniture meets the needs of employees needing flexibility in the way that they physically work.

Our range of sit stand desks or height adjustable desks, depending on your terminology, are affordable and readily available to be quickly delivered to your office Australia-wide.

Increased efficiency, improved work-life balance and an overall improvement in health, are just some of the benefits of using height adjustable desks, with some workers finding that they can complete minor exercise while completing their job standing up.

If you’re in the market for new office furniture and in particular new desks, consider height adjustable desks and give us a call today to discuss your offices needs.

19 products found in Height Adjustable Desks

Folding Table
  • From $1,645.00
Agile Fixed Height Shared Desk
  • From $799.00
EkoSystem Canteen Table
  • From $237.00
Modulus Flip Table
  • From $600.00
Uni Flip Table
  • $510.00
Modulus Flip Table
  • $703.00
Agile Fixed Height Individual Desk
  • From $485.00
Rapid Edge Folding Table
  • $1,075.00
Steel Frame Table
  • From $205.00
Lifetime 6ft Bi-Fold Blow Mould Trestle Table
  • $123.00
Flip Top Table
  • From $350.00
Typhoon Flip Top
  • From $466.00
  • From $458.00
Apollo Meeting Table
  • From $720.00
Supreme Meeting Table
  • From $355.00
High Bench Custom Table
  • From $922.00
  • From $218.00
  • From $338.00
  • From $585.50