Reception Desks

If you’re in the market for reception desks or counters, New Office has everything you need. Our reception desks have been designed with functionality top of mind, ensuring that your welcoming area is perfectly positioned to give your clients, customers or partners the best first impression possible.

That first impression is all important – your reception desk is likely the first thing that anyone sees when they enter your office. Our reception counters are affordable, stylish and highly functional, in a range of colours, materials and shapes, to suit any welcoming area for any type of business.

We offer standard, ready to install reception desks and counters that are available for purchase today. We also will be happy to design you a customised solution that is unique to your business – no design problem is too hard and we are only too happy to help. Whether it’s colour, style or you’re just concerned about the aesthetics, we have the right reception desk for you.

Our reception counters are of the highest quality, made of the best quality materials available, so you can rest easy knowing that your reception desk meets your needs. Need a modern reception desk? We have you covered! Our reception counters have been built with the latest design techniques to ensure your business appears as though it is the cutting edge of whatever industry you specialise in.  

Reception desks should not only look the part, but act the part too, with ample storage built-in and plenty of working space for your receptionists, administration officers or other office workers to complete their duties comfortably and most importantly, ergonomically. Browse the New Office range of reception desks and counters today and let us know if you need anything in particular.

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65 products found in Reception Desks

Hugo Plus Reception Desk Gloss White Counter
  • From $4,198.00
Orion Reception Desk
  • From $4,151.00
Rollo Reception Desk
  • From $3,688.00
Maddox Reception Desk
  • From $3,435.00
Iris Reception Desk
  • From $4,053.00
Manhattan Reception Desk
  • From $3,972.00
Sempre Reception Counter
  • $2,200.00
Roxi Arena Reception Counter
  • From $4,680.00


Roma Reception desk - Grey glass
  • $2,208.00
  • From $1,641.00
Urban Reception Counter
  • $1,210.00
Hugo Reception Desk
  • $3,973.00
  • From $458.00
Split Reception Desk with Counter
  • From $1,330.00
  • From $1,691.00
  • From $2,948.00
Apex Lite Reception Desk
  • From $1,605.00
  • From $2,770.00
Vertex Reception Desk
  • $1,591.00
  • From $1,068.00
Symmetry Operator Reception
  • From $1,706.00
Symmetry Deluxe Reception Counter
  • From $1,908.00


Martinique Reception Counter
  • $5,008.00
  • From $4,860.00


Flow Reception Counter
  • $1,208.00
  • $1,190.00
Rapid Modular Reception Desk Furniture
  • From $585.50