Meeting & Coffee tables

Meeting tables and coffee tables. 

Coffee tables are invaluable for your office waiting rooms and lounge areas. They are more inviting, homey, and add an unmistakable touch of elegance no other piece can bring. They are also highly functional, and you can place magazines, use as a small meeting table and even serve drinks for your guests on them.

Since their purpose is not strictly functional, some executives have trouble with coffee tables for the office. However, we at Pimp My Office know exactly what your waiting and lounge rooms need.

Make Your Waiting Room More Welcoming

Your waiting room will host everyone from potential employees to top business clients. You want to make them feel comfortable and relaxed, which is why having the right coffee table can work wonders. If you aren’t ready to buy outright, you can also hire office furniture at great prices.

Our handpicked coffee tables add a delightful receptive quality to your space. From simple geometric coffee tables to intricately carved designs or even modern polished steel designs, we will help you evoke that welcoming feeling in your office reception. You can then top it up with comfortable chairs from our meeting room chair collection.

Coffee Tables for Your Office Lounge

Your employees are your best resource, and having them happy and productive should be one of your biggest priorities. Adding a carefully-chosen coffee table to your office lounge will bring a relaxing vibe where anybody can escape when things get hot. 

Fill this space with soft lounge furnishings in alluring colours and designs, and watch the ambience at the office improve. With the right mood, you and others can recharge your energy in a well-furnished indoor or outdoor lounge.

The Right Office Furniture For The Right Price

At Pimp My Office, our mission is to provide you with the most suitable office furnishings for the best prices in Australia. Our budget-friendly services range from installing office partitions to supply high-quality and luxury furniture.

No matter where you are in Australia, our reliable, affordable, and complete office furnishing services are at your disposal. If you need any assistance with our products or service, please contact us for the best services in Australia.

59 products found in Meeting & Coffee tables

Disc Coffee Table
  • $186.00
Folding Table
  • From $1,645.00
Meeting/Boardroom Table
  • From $425.00
Round Meeting Table
  • $130.00
Modulus Flip Table
  • From $600.00
Axis Meeting Table
  • From $393.00
Axis Meeting Table 2400 x 1200
  • $733.00


Modulus Meeting Table 1800mm x 1200mm
  • $2,100.00
  • $1,702.00
Modulus Boardroom Table 3600mm long
  • $3,774.00
Modulus Twin Post Collar Table 5400mm long
  • From $5,276.00
Modulus Boardroom Table 6000mm long
  • $4,736.00
Modulus Flip Table
  • $703.00
Tulum Coffee Table
  • $736.00
Nova Faux White Marble Coffee Table
  • $999.00
Somara Coffee Table
  • $1,031.00
Clemence Coffee Table
  • $1,179.00
Bilara Nested Coffee Table Set
  • $489.00
Tula Coffee Table
  • $736.00
Valencia 400 Black Concrete Coffee Table
  • $175.00
Valencia 500 Black Concrete Coffee Table
  • $264.00
Valencia 600 Polished Concrete Coffee Table
  • $382.00
Diani 900 Faux White Marble Coffee Table
  • $957.00
Valencia 600 Black Concrete Coffee Table
  • $382.00
Byron Polished Concrete Coffee Table
  • $1,179.00