Office renovation

What to look for in a office renovation also called a office fitout. 
first thing first you should have a purpose in mind what are you trying to achieve with your renovation or new look are you relocating or are you remodeling an existing office space. Either way it is important to have clear goals to what you would like to achieve. Think about your staff your workflow your customers your clients how do you interact with your stakeholders meetings etc. You know your business best so before calling an architect or a draft person it is best to have a sit-down and a good think about workflow. When looking at design a common approach is to have the meeting rooms at the entrance close to reception this way the receptionist can greet visitors and have them directed to the meeting room off reception without having to walk through your office. Here are some key points to consider when next looking to renovate your office space.

1. Deign and space planning 

2. Ergonomic Office furniture and the placement of workstations ect.

3. Council Certification this includes Construction Certification and Occupation Certificate

4. Fire and Egress. Egress is an unobstructed way to exist the building. Fire includes the sprinkler and or smoke detector placement in your office

5. Electrical this includes power and data and lightning 

The above points are a snapshot of items that will inevitably be looked at with your office fit out there will of course be other items like joinery plumbing flooring etc depending on your fit out you may have a large-scale fit out or you may have a small suite that needs maybe a few walls taken down or put up with a small reception desk at the front. If you are in need of costing for budgeting purposes contact me directly I can help you with costs there are some good fitout Calculators online but they do not give you an accurate cost of your project because they leave out most of the above-mentioned points it is best to email me your floor plans for a free Independant no obligation quote. When dealing with a tenant representative they will generally provide you with three quotes for your fit out as a managed service if this is the case you can email me your floor plans for a truly independent quote independent of your tenant representative.

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