Boardroom seating table size. How many seats will fit?

When it comes to selecting the right boardroom table, the size and shape will depend on the number of people it needs to accommodate. While it may seem like common sense, different table shapes can seat varying numbers of individuals. For example, rectangular, oval, D-end, circular, and boat-shaped tables are all available on the market and each is best suited to a specific number of seats. Additionally, the dimensions of the room can also influence the size and shape of the table that is the best fit. To help with the selection process, a visual guide has been created to showcase the most common board table shapes and sizes, along with the recommended seating positions for each shape.

However, several other variables may also need to be considered when determining the final seating capacity. These variables include the width of the chairs, the spacing between chairs, and the type of table legs chosen. Some table legs may impede the positioning of certain chairs, so it is essential to choose the appropriate legs that will allow for the desired number of seats. To help navigate these variables, further information and a room size guide are available to assist in determining the best boardroom table for a specific space. While this guide can be useful, it is important to remember that it is only a starting point and that each space may require unique considerations to ensure the ideal seating arrangement.