The reception desk is crucial in the office, hotel, or hospital where people's appointments and questions with the receptionist. Are you looking for a Reception desk that will warmly welcome guests to your waiting room? Reception desks are usually the first thing people visit your building. Whether you are designing a corporate office or healthcare facility, it is essential to provide visitors with a clear place to check information.

The reception desk and Reception Counter you will find in this category grouped into furniture sets and upholstered furniture. The office has reception rooms, reception halls, reception rooms, hotels, restaurants, pubs, and cafes. We run a unique, worldwide furniture platform that combines the features of an online store and marketplace connected to the Shopify manufacturing cloud.

The reception desk is as important an aspect of office culture as anything else. A common mistake in most offices is their inattention to investing in high-quality furniture, which can have a lasting and lasting effect on the overall relationship and the health and productivity of employees.

Exhibitions as lobbies and waiting rooms require the use of only those elements that are distinguished by the best aesthetic and functional values. These are the reception desks in our category, which are available in many beautiful models. You know how we can never miss a first-class interior design, so we're already trying to figure out the essential measures to design a perfect reception desk. An organized and well-understood space can improve our mood, so start Planning Furniture with standard size and excellent measurement learning.

103 products found in Reception Desk

Executive J-Shape Reception Counter
  • From $2,849.00
Hugo Gloss White Reception Counter
  • From $1,955.00
Kool 3 Seat Beam
  • From $695.00
Graphite – Black
  • From $296.00
Glass Chair
  • $113.00
Focus Side Chair With Arms
  • From $250.00
Focus Side Chair Sled
  • From $255.00
Focus Side Chair No Arms
  • From $204.00
Eko Mesh Drafting
  • From $389.00
Eko 5 Seat Beam
  • From $2,099.00
Gift Card
  • From $110.00


Tempo Side Chair - PP Seat and Back
  • $152.00
  • From $139.00


Roma Reception desk - Blue glass
  • $2,208.00
  • From $1,492.00


Roma Reception desk - White glass
  • $2,208.00
  • From $1,492.00


Roma Reception Desk - Black Glass
  • $2,208.00
  • From $1,492.00
Rapid Modular Reception Desk Furniture
  • From $585.50
Symmetry Deluxe Reception Counter
  • From $1,908.00
Symmetry Operator Reception
  • From $1,706.00
Rapid Bloom Vertical Garden
  • $452.88
Straight Slat Wall
  • $0.00
  • $1,591.00
Split Reception Desk with Counter
  • From $1,080.00
  • From $1,870.50
  • From $2,453.00